Self Care After Critique Sessions

If you’re at all serious about writing, you’re going to need a critique session at some point. Those sessions are what helps you pick out what’s wrong with your project before you start burning through your list of agents and publishers.

But it can hurt. In fact, they might be holding back if it doesn’t.

So after the Critique Session, you gotta do a little self-care.

Here’s how I do it:

Step 1: Poke at your wounds.

Let yourself feel whatever it is you feel about your critique. If you feel like an awful writer and an unoriginal hack, then let yourself feel it.

But set a time on when you have to stop and move on. You can’t dwell on those feelings forever. I’m just giving you permission to feel them.

Step 2: Go to bed.

Seriously, sleep some of it off. The second you fall asleep, your permission to feel awful goes away. You gotta self-care in the morning and then keep on writing.

Step 3: Donuts

Seriously, eat whatever the hell you want for a day. Calories don’t count the day after a harsh Critique Session.

Step 4: Read

Get yourself out of your head for a while. Read someone else’s point of view and let your own subconscious work some stuff out.

Step 5: Reread Your Manuscript

Look over what was critiqued and look for the things that were mentioned. See through other eyes for a bit.

Step 6: Get To Work

Edit what you know how to fix and start coming up with a plan to fix the other things. This is the longest stage but it’s the most important one. Don’t take the criticisms and use them as an excuse to give up. Nothing good comes of that.

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