Trashy Romance and Ballet

In the last few weeks, I have lost myself in a library of trashy Avengers fanfiction (I know, I need Jesus). I’m not talking digging through every piece of Science Bros fiction on AO3. I don’t have a ship, I have an armada. I’ll ship Loki with Tony, Bruce/Hulk, Steve, Darcy, and any and all Original Female Characters. I haven’t come across any Loki/Original Male Character fics but I’m sure I’d dive into that with as much enthusiasm.

So my Goodreads account has been stagnant even though I’ve read six novel-length fanfics in the last month or so. I’m not a cultured creature, obviously.

But even with all the Super Heroes and Trashy romance that I’ll probably be reading on my ipod before the curtain goes up, I’m not all swine. I love the Ballet. I’ve been going to dress rehearsals for this last season and I’m going to a collection of 3 short ballets this Friday, including the premiere of a new one that was commissioned for this theater.

I used to be President of the English Student Association in college and when I look at my own complexities, I have to acknowledge that others have the same deal going on. The folks who love Real Housewives could also love Jane Austen and the Drama Club President could also love Pro-Wrestling.

These little details are amazing in characters and make them realistic and I realize that I haven’t been including them enough in my own writing. Ron Weasley is amazing at Chess and Augustus Waters loves first person shooters, but Maji is just a magic user easily manipulated by pretty bad boys.

I need to do better for myself and my readers.

I will do better.

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