What is Art

When you breathe, you take in oxygen put out by plants. It is a collaborative effort by all the plants to provide oxygen to the animals. As a single person, you take in some part of the collaborative effort of those plants and you change it inside you and breathe out carbon dioxide, which joins the carbon dioxide breathed out by all the other animals. That carbon dioxide is a collaborative effort to provide for all the plants. The plants take that carbon dioxide and change it inside of them and give out more oxygen. Take in, Give out.

Art is the same way, and we’re all taking in some parts of all the efforts of others and then we put our own small contributions out into the world as well. It’s all creativity, not just your own form that you’re working with. Breathe in music and movies and manga and an experience and a memory of a feeling and a stray piece of overheard conversation and mix them all up inside you and put it out in a novel.


And anything can be an art as well: Art can be a piece of technology or a recipe or an experience. Art can be anything that provokes a feeling and feeds to the consciousness that we all take in and give out collectively. Friendship is an art, boring someone is an art, breaking someone’s heart is an art, and it all feeds into the kinds of art that we can see and hear and read.

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