Dear Straight, White, Able-bodied Cis-Men : you’re good.

We like you just fine and none of our requests for Women, LGBT or POC representation is out of hatred for you.

What we’re really asking for is a culture where the main character could be you but doesn’t have to be. We’re asking for a culture where it could be anyone of any type and its reception won’t change because of it. We’re not asking you to change characters in your European stories to a different race. We’re asking someone to tell stories that aren’t necessarily from Europe.

I know you feel like we’re attacking you and I know you feel like this world is becoming racist against you. I know you feel like if you did the things we’re doing, you would be called racist for it.

But let me explain something here: racism is prejudice plus power and we’ve never had power. Straight, White, Able-bodied Cis-men have held the cards in our culture for a very long time and the entire system was written and implemented to benefit them.

So when we ask for a black modern-day american orphan named Annie or an old asian, african, indian, or south american fairy tale instead of a European one, we’re asking you to loosen your grip. You don’t have to go away, there will always be a seat for you on this ride. We’re just asking that you not spread your legs to keep others from sitting beside you.

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