Real Person Fandoms: Don’t Be Creepy

There’s something that I’ve been seeing a lot in fandom that has really creeped me out. Real Person Fandoms are fine most of the time, but they have a responsibility towards the bands/actors/whatever they’re celebrating. They need to not cross the line into being creepy and I’m afraid I’ve seen a lot of that going around.

The creepy thing I’m talking about is Smutty Fanart/fanfiction.

In what world is it okay to write porn about someone who exists without their consent? If someone wrote porn about me, I would feel incredibly violated. I’m sure it would affect how anyone deals with their fans if they knew some of those fans were posting smutfic about them online.

And that hurts the relationship artists and actors have with their audience.

I don’t care how much you love Benedict Cumberbatch or One Direction, you are crossing a line with this crap. They are people and they don’t deserve to be objectified that way. You can write all the smut you want over fictional characters but leave the real people out of it.

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