A Career in Two Parts

Lately, I’ve stopped thinking of my writing career and my web development career as two different careers. I’m starting to think of them as a single career with two different parts that are often intertwined.

Every website I build has little bits of information built in for me to use. I know more about eye care and kidney transplants than I ever thought I would. I know about domestic violence and women’s shelters. I know about the process for cities to hire artists to build statues in public spaces. I know about casinos and children’s theatre and robotic surgery. I never would have picked these things up on my own accord. On top of that, I get invited to Ballets and events and awards Galas where I can network and take in other people’s stories. The more information you have swimming around in your head, the more different ideas you can use in your writing. Having a wealth of different kinds of information is so important for a writer.

It’s also becoming more and more necessary for authors to maintain social media and blogs. Marketing, advertising, and promotion are becoming more and more a part of the Author’s responsibility. Authors don’t always have awesome websites. The fact that I can build awesome websites is an incredible plus side for me.

For Web Development, being able to rewrite content is also important. I often have to make sure content isn’t duplicated for SEO purposes. Being able to rewrite things so it maintains its meaning but doesn’t get penalized by Google is extremely helpful. And maybe someday I’ll be asked to write a technical manual, and I’ll have more experience with writing than most of their technical authors.

Everything we do in this life is building up for something great. I don’t know if my career is going to be more Web Development heavy like it is now or more Writing heavy like I’d hoped for when I graduated High School ten years ago, but I know it’s going to be bigger and better than it is right now and all of these things I’m doing and experiencing and learning are going to get me there.

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