Cottage Food Law

Most of my friends know this but the internet may not be aware: I love to bake. I regularly make cookies of different sorts for coworkers and friends. My father recently asked me to make him a batch of sugar cookies but leave the colored sugar off the outside because he’s trying to cut down on his sugar. I feel like baking is my calling. But I’m also a full time web developer and that’s a pretty awesome job. I’m not giving that up. I have way too many cool things I enjoy doing.

So I can either eat too many baked goods myself and give myself and everyone I love diabetes or I can find a way to sell my baked goods to the public.

Here in Texas, we have this thing called a Cottage Food Law. It means we’re allowed to sell our homemade baked goods to the public as long as the sales have the proper labels and packaging, do not require refrigeration, and take place in our own homes or in some other approved location such as a farm stand or farmer’s market.

The refrigeration rule takes out a few of my baked goods, such as cheesecakes and my cream cheese frosting. However, I have a list of things to do for my baking to be sold in farmers markets or from my home, perhaps in the form of gift baskets.

I wonder if I could have a drive-thru window installed in my house someday…

To-do List:

Take Food Handler’s Course online
Purchase Decorating equipment such as piping bags and tips, various sprinkles, cookie cutters, icing knife, cake spinners, etc
Work through Decorating Tutorials
buy packaging and make ingredient labels

Things I need to learn to make pretty:

sugar cookies
chocolate chip cookies
cranberry white chocolate chip cookies
oatmeal raisin
oatmeal craisin
peanut butter cookies
cupcakes of different sorts
pecan pralines
peanut brittle

Things I still need to learn how to make:

merengue cookies
cake-batter cookies
petit fours with fondant
cake pops

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