Fangirl Problems

Someone asking you what you’re reading while you’re reading fic

I get home from work and try to catch up on all the roleplay threads I read on Tumblr. A lot of the time, I have to do it while sitting on the couch in the living room with my roommate. “What are you reading?” “Oh just reading the cutesy little day to day life of my favorite gay couple.”

Getting really into a 110,000 word Fanfic that hasn’t been updated since 2011

15 chapters in and Hogwarts’s wards are failing and Dumbledore’s being a bastard and my OTP still haven’t confessed their feelings! I spent two days reading this fic and now I’m left feeling incomplete and it will probably never be finished!

Shipping obscure or unpopular pairings

The second person of one of my ships is a minor character in the manga. But he’s adorable and I love him and there are no fics or art for him. Other ships I have are in things that no one’s read or heard of. Sometimes, I get on board with a bigger fandom just to have a ship with a following once in a while.

Your Date feeling inadequate next to your OTP

The scene in Thor 2 where we get some nice topless Thor is a gifset you regularly go back to but your Date isn’t thrilled because he doesn’t look like that and you obviously like that kind of thing. You get to spend the evening convincing him that he shouldn’t feel inadequate next to the hunky men onscreen. Nevermind that all the women in his comic books are unrealistically busty and don’t care how spines work.

Your Date being a little inadequate next to your OTP

Your Date will never be Sebastian Michaelis and you’re just gonna have to deal with that. I know you fell in love with a fictional character, but you should still give Real Life guys a chance. Some of them are pretty cool, even if they aren’t quite Loki Laufeyson.

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