Media I’m Enjoying Lately

It’s time for a recommendation post!

Vices & Virtues – Panic! At The Disco


I know I’m about three years late to the party on this one, but maybe other folks missed this amazing album too. They only had one song that got any playtime on the radio. It’s available on Spotify so check it out if you get the chance.

Iria: Zeiram the Animation


I watched this when I was a kid and recently came across it at Half Price Books. It’s absolutely fabulous. It’s about a bounty hunter who goes with her older brother on a mission and encounters a monster that’s said to be immortal. Her brother sacrifices himself to save her and try to destroy it. But it isn’t destroyed and it seems to be following her from planet to planet.

Fiend by Peter Stenson


Fiend is a book about Zombies and Meth Addicts. In the Zombie Apocalypse, the only people who didn’t die or reanimate are the people who had Meth in their systems. They have to keep using or they’ll suffer the same fate as all the others. They get to go on adventures such as raiding the drug store for supplies and fighting rival dealers all while fighting off hordes of Zombies. There are parts of this book where you aren’t sure if things are really happening or if it’s just a really bad trip. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one and I recommend it to anyone who loves Zombies and Drug media*.

*Go Ask Alice was a gateway book, I swear to God.


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