Catching Up

When you’ve got a full time job and things to write, keeping up with your fandoms isn’t always easy. Some weekends, I marathon the shows I care about and try to read as much as I can. I’m known for getting really far behind and then marathoning to get caught up.

But there’s actually a problem with doing that. TV shows are meant to have pauses between seasons. That’s what cliffhangers are for. If you’re just gonna watch the next episode immediately, you don’t give yourself time to mull over what you just watched. I’m sure I would have gotten a lot more attached to the characters of Shungeki no Kyojin if I’d been watching it nightly or weekly like most of the hardcore fans. I might have been even more fond of The Hunger Games trilogy if I’d had to wait for Mockingjay with everyone else.

There’s something to be said for hiatuses. They give the audience time and time is important to grieve.

That doesn’t mean it’s a good thing that I stopped watching Supernatural at episode 10 and waited six weeks to pick it up again. If I watch one episode every night, it’ll take me six months to get through season 9. It’s like any number of books I’ve stopped reading too soon and plan to get back to at some point.

In fact, I sometimes sit there and try to decide between reading the rest of a book I’ve already started and starting a new one. Lately, it’s been whether I want to finish reading Elanor and Park or start Attachments. They’re both by Rainbow Rowell. That’s how bad I am about leaving things unfinished.

So I’m going to make myself a deal. Either I finish reading the book I’ve started reading or I put it away for good. There’s no putting it away for later cause later never seems to come. I don’t have to switch books. I’m not in college anymore so I’m not required to keep up with a reading list. There’s no reason to start a new book until I’ve finished the one I’m on.

I’m not going to start watching a new series until I finish Supernatural and I’m not gonna start a new book until I finish all the ones I’ve already started.

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