New Website Design

I’m sure it’s been noticed that my site is changing. Well, I thought I’d take a few minutes to go over the process here and the reasons for the changes. It’s like a case study but more shoujo!

First off, the Name.

I realized that no one googles Sheena Bandy unless they already know about me. So I figured I could change the title of my blog and have more chance of Search Engine hits.

That Fangirl, Writing is a Kuroshitsuji reference. That’s right, I’m a Kuroshit. All of the manga chapter titles are “That Butler, [insert something here]”. So yeah, fun stuff.

It also means that I’m being open about the fact that everything I do is going to be influenced by my fandoms in some way. I like being able to admit and embrace my fandoms.

With the name change, I also changed the domain. Both my previous domains ( and will still go to the site, they just aren’t the primary domain name that will show up in search engines.

And hopefully my site will show up in more places on search engines.

Now, to the actual design!

The little character of my at the top was made from some stock art I bought on shutterstock. I was going to use it for a book cover but I’ve decided to wait on that and see if it actually fits the finished book before I go designing that.

So I took the line art and made a few changes of my own. I like how she turned out.

She even has a little e-reader because I’m a big fan of ebooks. I usually get the print versions to put on my bookshelf because the bookshelf is the first thing I look at when I go to someone else’s house. Of course, she has stacks of books around her on desktop because books.

I kept the lines for the header, because I’ve been really liking how that looks on things. I changed it to purple to match my girly romantic color scheme.

Cause I’m going for ultra girly this time. Having a lot of fun with it too.

I was trying to go for a Magical Girl / Shoujo look with the pink sparkly background and the bubbles. I took the first chapter of one of my unpublished novels and put it in the background in a script font as a white overlay. That gave the design a bit more of a bookish feel.

Also, the design is pretty responsive. I’m pretty proud of that. I remember having a sparkly background and frames when I first started out. I even had a little “guestbook” that was about 99% trolls and 1% family. I’ve come a pretty far way from then and I’m proud of myself for it.

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