The Importance of Fandom

For a very large quantity of writers and artists, Fandom is very important. In fact, Fandom would be a pitiful shell if writers and artists didn’t care. New art and fiction is what keeps fans coming back. Harry Potter Book 7 was released when I was in college. I’m still active in the fandom because my favorite fanfic writers still post drabbles. That’s 5 years of sustaining ourselves with fics. Sherlock’s fandom has sustained itself throughout the two year hiatus with gifsets and fanart.

I’ve gotten into more than one thing because of the fandom. Sometimes you look at people and realize that these are the people you want to give a part of your heart to. Here’s a few fandoms I’ve joined for that exact reason.

Sherlock (BBC)

I kept telling everyone “I’ll watch it later.” and “What? I will!” and “I’m not just saying it to make you happy!”

I was just saying it to make them happy.

And then I got into Tumblr. Yall, Tumblr has changed my life for the better. For Srs.

My interest started with a gifset. Lots of my interests start with gifsets. It was like a collage of Sherlock being an ass and John being sarcastic and frustrated.

And I was like “OK.” And I netflixed the whole two seasons in like a week.

Welcome to Night Vale

This Fandom won me over with fanart. Mostly of Carlos and Cecil. All the fanart seems to have Cecil with three eyes and tentacles. I came in at Yellow Helicopters. Yeah, that far in. I spent days listening to the podcast. I giggled and kicked my legs at the end of One Year Later. And I made all kinds of giddy noises on First Date.

And Condos. I didn’t know my voice could go so high.

John and Hank Green (including Lizzy Bennet Diaries and TFiOS)

I had heard about Nerdfighters from several of my friends. It seemed like fun but I wasn’t really sure what I was looking at. But I got a link to Grab it by the Testicle in 2010 (I think). I liked it. I watched the next couple. Meh. I closed it.

A month or so later, I saw another posted video. I think it was one of Hank’s songs. And I went back to the beginning and started watching. And kept watching until I’d caught up completely.
And I read Paper Towns. And listened to Hank Green’s albums. And then I watched Lizzy Bennet Diaries. Then I read TFiOS. I’m still crying over that last one.


I haven’t finished watching this yet. I’m about 10 episodes in right now. I’m gonna netflix as far in as I can and then hopefully be caught up by next season.

But when I first heard about it, winchestercest was a big deal where I was and it was really gross. Seriously, nothing squicks me more.

But then sweet, sweet Destiel came along and I was sold.

And now I’m looking suspiciously at Attack on Titan.
Mostly because of this gif right here:

Any fandom with this kind of sense of humor must have good taste in Anime. You have my attention, AoT.

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