How Sailor Moon Complicated My Life

When I was a kid, I was a Tomboy. I climbed trees and rode bikes down steep hills and shot bb guns at targets across the road. I had a couple of friends who were girls, but they were also tomboys and I spent most of my time with the guys anyway.

So when Sailor Moon came back on Television when I was in High School, it rocked my world.

I’d loved Sailor Moon when I was little. I’d wanted to be Sailor Moon. Then I’d wanted to be Sailor Mercury. Then I settled down when I figured out I really wanted to be Sailor Jupiter.

But when the first two seasons stopped playing when I was a kid, I watched things like Sonic the Hedgehog and Darkwing Duck.

And my Tomboyishness developed nicely. I was even singled out for being a suspected homosexual in 7th Grade. I wore a Tux to 8th Grade Graduation.

But Sailor Moon came back on in High School. For a while, I pretended it was just Nostalgia. I thought Sailor Mercury was hot (Not a lie, but not the reason I watched it).

This helped a bit

But over time, things started changing. Pink things were appearing in my bedroom. I still dressed like a boy and acted like a boy. I even shaved my head again in Sophomore Year of college.

But things were stirring up inside me.

Strange things. Feelings.

Girly Feelings.

The process was slow. It didn’t culminate until the end of my Sophomore Year at university. But I eventually found myself writing Romance. It wasn’t the awkward sub plots of my youth. They were sweet and romantic and had romance Drama, not action drama.

I’ve found a balance since then. I’m not a Romance author. But for a Year and a half, I was. That one romance novel may never see human eyes, but I know it exists and now so do you.

And it’s all because of Sailor Moon.

The copyright for SailorMoon is held by Naoko Takeuchi, TOEI, DiC, Kodansha, Bandai, and others.

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